A blend of the finest adaptogenic herbs. It has a refreshing sweet / sour flavour similar to cherry. This delicious brew is loaded with antioxidants and is specifically designed to support the nervous system, assist you in dealing with day to day stress and regenerate your body. We hope you love it as much as we do.


Organic hand-brewed kombucha with; goji berry, inca berry, blueberry, schizandra berry, hawthorn berry, hibiscus, ashwagandha, he shou wu, gynostemma


A sweet, lightly spiced blend of pineapple, vanilla, cinnamon & star anise gives this brew a warming quality reminiscent of Christmas. It has been formulated to aid digestion & sooth the digestive tract. Kombucha by itself is naturally beneficial to digestion thanks to the millions of good bacteria it contains. Mix it with medicinal, digestive herbs and you have yourself a tasty digestive tonic!


Organic hand-brewed kombucha with; raw pineapple juice, ginger, black pepper, clove, liquorice, fennel, marshmallow root.



Kombucha is said to help build your immune system, as science shows that the health of your gut and your immune system are directly linked. Pair this with immune boosting herbs such as the beautiful elderflower, cats claw and echinacea, your immune system will never have been stronger. This elixir is a refreshing blend of lemongrass, mint, lime and a good hit of ginger, making it not only great for those winter months but a great summer drink as well.


Organic hand-brewed kombucha with;

Lime, lemongrass, ginger, mint, elderflower, cats claw, echinacea



Today's world is filled with so many potentially stressful encounters, so we've come up with a beautiful tonic to counterbalance the stress and put you back in the game. Soft flowers such as linden, chamomile and lavender help bring you back to earth with this subtly-flavoured elixir. Take a sip, sink back into your chair and let the flowers work their charm.


Organic hand-brewed kombucha with; lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, linden flower, motherwort, St John's Wort.